Get Your Custom Metaverse Build with New Metaverse Builder NFTs

The team behind Polygonal Mind have just released a new project and new brand – Metaverse Builder. 

Metaverse Builder aims to accelerate the Metaverse development and build new virtual spaces. They also aim to grow the ecosystem behind a number of platforms such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox, and VRCchat by developing valuable buildings and useful tools for their communities. 

Metaverse Builder has released the ‘Wondertech Pledge’ token. It is an exclusive ERC-721 token tailored to the token owner inside the Metaverse. Every month a limited number of Pledges will be released that will be built around the Metaverse in the following month. 

Buyers can purchase the tokens in an auction on OpenSea. The winning bidder will start the building process together with the Metaverse Builder team. The winner’s virtual space in the Metaverse will be completed during the month indicated on the token.

There are many perks that come with owning a Pledge. These include a guest book list, NFT access area, social media links, information placed on UI screen, and fully functional, working NPC. 

On top of that, any new Decentraland features that are developed by the Metaverse Builder studio will be implemented to your land every 3 months for one whole year. 

For more information on other benefits and FAQs, check out Metaverse Builder. 

Photo credit: via Metaverse Builder

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