New Metakey Promises to Unlock the Metaverse

Imagine a token that is not restricted to the boundaries of a single ecosystem. A token that can grant you benefits as you skip from one digital realm to another. You romp through Somnium Space with the powerful sword this token granted you. Before joining a race in Decentraland in the car this key entitled you to. Finally, ending your day idling lackadaisically in the VIP lounge the item gave you access to. This is not a pipe dream, this is the Metakey.

Functioning as something of a VIP card, the Metakey promises to unlock hundreds of perks and experiences within the metaverse. With around 30 partners already onboard, offering benefits to holders of the key, the future is looking bright. Current backers include: Decentraland, The Sandbox Game, and Somnuim Space.

All you require is a single key and you can use it forever. An unlimited macro supply ensures the perks are available to everyone. In addition, digital artists will provide designs for special edition keys. The first edition, “Genesis”, has a limited run of 500 units. Further releases will involve batches of ever increasing size.

Keeping the key within a digital wallet will enable you to access or transform items throughout the digital realm. Thanks to the Web3 framework multiple platforms can read the keys differently based on the value assigned by the developer.

Currently retailing at around $ETH 0.4, “Genesis” edition keys are selling out fast. Check Rarible for availability.

Image credit: via The Metakey

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