New Game Maker Updates on The Sandbox

The Sandbox released a new update of the Game Maker which is faster and more effective. There are a few changes to the Game Maker architecture to accommodate the new features.

Some of the updates in the new version of the Game Maker include; faster loading and response time of Game Maker tools so there is less friction when creating, improved performance on bigger experiences with a large amount of assets, library improvements, a neutral lighting preset, behaviours updates, and nine brand new experience templates. 

The existing lighting presets have improved by eliminating refraction errors on light surfaces and correcting colour emanation.

There are also chat bubbles available on the multiplayer. Players will be able to see chat bubbles above the avatar’s heads. This will allow for a smoother and more engaging experience when interacting with other players in the social hubs. 

A new tab called NFT has been added to the Inventory. The NFT tab displays a complete list of NFTs and ASSETS used inside an experience and shows the trending assets that other creators are using.

The existing VFX has also been improved to make combat queues much clearer. 

Download the latest update now!

Photo credit: via The Sandbox

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