New Funding Program for Aspiring NFT Artists

Sevens Genesis Grant is offering a grants program and scholarship for new artists who want to become a part of the NFT space. Many creatives are quickly finding out about the NFT world, but it can be a roller coaster when trying to find out where to start from. And an even bigger problem for new artists looking to join the cryptoart world is having enough funds to mint their very first artworks. 

That is why Sevens Genesis Grant helps to guide, fund, and shine a spotlight on artists who have worked hard but have been misrepresented. It is a non-profit organisation which aims to bring artists to the forefront. 

They offer to mint the artist’s single editioned artwork and transfer it to them. It will be part of the The Sevens Genesis Grant collection. Additional funds will be provided so that the artist can proceed with their very first sale. 

Artists will also get their name and work highlighted, and receive the means necessary to become an independent and self-sustainable artist on a number of NFT platforms. In addition to granting, funding and resources, the platform also gives special NFTs and gifts by commissioned or donating artists, and an invitation to a community of artists who are also part of the grant (plus a grand welcome into the industry!).

All that is required for you to apply is proof of your passion for art and desire to create! Visit grant.io to apply.

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