New ETH-MEN Avatars Out Now on CryptoAvatars

ETH-MEN has released two new avatars – Vexx Grimm and Emperor Gorath XVI!

The avatars were made by 3D artist Emilio Vera, and are available to purchase through the CryptoAvatars shop on OpenSea. CryptoAvatars is powered by Polygonal Mind and offers 3D virtual reality avatars that can be used in various locations across the metaverse. 

The VRM files for the two ETH-MEN avatars are different from the ones you get when unpacking an ETH-MEN Figure. These versions include Gorath with a sword and Vexx Grimm without a helmet. Check out the virtual Vexx Grimm and Emperor Gorath XVI below.

ethmen        ethmen

ETH-MEN are a variety of collectibles on the blockchain from classic action figures and comics. The avatars are all ultra-rare, stylishly illustrated character icons. They can be used for Twitter, OpenSea, Rarible, Discord and anywhere in the metaverse. Each avatar is also completely unique so there will only be one person owning that specific piece. Only 12 unique individual avatars are created per ETH-MEN figure.

The comics come in four different editions, the sketch edition being the rarest edition of all, with a total of only 65 copies in existence. A total of 90 copies are released in Black and White, showcasing all original illustrations without any color. A total of 125 copies are released with a special “First Edition” stamp on the cover, and a total of 250 copies are released for everyday reading.

Learn more about ETH-MEN and how to start collecting here.

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