New Epic Taurion Development Updates

The Taurion development team just released a report on some of the epic developments that are happening in the game. Taurion is a fully decentralised MMP with elements from RPG and RTS games. It’s set in a world far away from Earth and three houses are fighting for resources on the planet Taurion. 

The dev team is super happy with the last Alpha test version of Taurion and the way that the new features and updates are working on Xaya. Some of these included finding artefacts, adding 40 different vehicles, crafting upgrade construction facilities, and much more. 

The next major release is planned for the middle of the year and it will be beta. The new features and design updates will include alliances, corporations, insurance DAO, democrit trading, skill progression, building ads, a market palace, and a revamped UX/UI.

The game uses Xaya’s blockchain and platform which is ideal for ultra complex, decentralised games and applications. The main purpose of Taurion is not “play-to-earn,” but that that is rather a by-product of freely tradable assets between players investing their time in the game.

All assets are acquired through the players’ own work and they all have provenance. There is no third-party to sell or give assets into the game, ban players, or kill enemies on your behalf. This means that all the assets hold their true potential value and can’t be wiped out with one click.

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