New Decentraland Genesis Plaza Design Impresses at Opening Party

First impressions count. When first visiting Decentraland, it is vital that new users find an inviting place which is easy to navigate, after all, this is a new concept for most.

Genesis Plaza, located in the center of the map, is the starting point for anyone visiting Decentraland for the first time. Until now, it has largely been overlooked, with a confusing, generic oriental theme in its place. This all changed a few days ago, with the introduction of the new Genesis plaza design launch party.

Genesis Plaza has now been landscaped into a beautiful orange flame colored setting, set apart into different sections, each aimed at helping users get a feel for what Decentraland is, and the sorts of experiences they can expect to find.

Below is a short run through of some of the best places to visit, but we recommend visiting the plaza yourself to get the best experience.

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Teaching people about Decentraland are several robots scattered throughout the land. Amongst other things, they teach the history of Decentraland, which is great for newcomers, and takes longer community members on a little trip down memory lane.

Trade Center

The plaza also hosts the first ever trading center, which displays live cryptocurrency prices, land and wearables sales and much more. We hope Celadon Square could one day emulate something like this.

Wearables Store

A unique insight into how eCommerce stores should function has been created for avatar wearables. Displayed neatly in a futuristic ‘click and buy’ store is all the information and imagery you would hope to see from a top store in Decentraland.


Standing tall within the plaza is a stadium style auditorium
with a very large video screen. We hope to see this as a statement of intent from Decentraland to put on some large events here, which is laid out perfectly for big gatherings.


Inside a lotus style building is a small disco where users can easily change the music to suit their taste. Live local radio and rave music are just 2 options that can be piped in through the speaker system.

Balloon & Tram Rides

Hop on the hot air balloon, or jump in the tram for better views of the plaza and the attractions it has to offer.

NFT Art Installation

Crypto art is leading the way when it comes to wider adoption of all virtual blockchain worlds, and the walk-through NFT art tunnel is a great display of some of the best artworks in this space at the moment.

The Small Details

What really finishes the plaza off are the small touches that have been added. Links to some community-built locations, small animated statues and easy to follow signposts so you can easily find your way around the plaza. Nothing has been overlooked.


There has clearly been a great deal of thought that has gone into the layout and design of Genesis Plaza. It has been a while in coming, but now new users should be immediately curious as to what Decentraland is, where it is going, and what to expect.

This is a masterpiece in design. Congratulations to the Decentraland design team for creating a memorable experience. If this doesn’t make new visitors curious to learn more, then nothing will.

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