Metaverse Explorer: Navigating the Beautiful Narra Gallery in Decentraland

Welcome back the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you were hoping to explore an amazing Art Gallery today, then you’re in the right place. In this article we are going to be reviewing the Narra Gallery. Situated in the southeast corner of Decentraland, right above Dragon City (location 92, -35), lies a cylinder looking structure reminiscent of a beehive. The Narra Gallery is owned by Shelly Soneja, an extremely talented NFT artist and art director for mobile and blockchain games.

The gallery is in a popular hub surrounded by other buildings including DOJO, The Racetrack and Signum Gallery. The slick building has a yellow and black color scheme that perfectly intertwines the entire length of the structure. Spectacularly organized vertical black pillars outline the yellow tinted walls of the cylinder. A black sculpture, indicative to a long tree branch, starts at the base of the entrance and wraps around the entire building.

I love the tree-like structure the artist was aiming for. The black pillars and forms represent tree branches that each go off in their own direction, but still maintain a sense of uniformity. The artists’ playfulness with geometries and shapes are truly unique and perfectly suited for an art gallery. The gallery owner is clearly brand-focused with a clean Narra Gallery logo and sculpture right in-front of the building. The yellow base of the structure provides a distinctive steppingstone, which adds to the height of the gallery.

The inside of the gallery is as magnificent as the outside. Once one passes through the upside-down V shaped entrance, the size of the sculpture becomes surreal. Front and center of the entire gallery is the glass elevator. Jump onto the platform and the elevator goes to all 5 floors of the gallery.

Each floor of the gallery is lined with unique NFT Art from various artists. The different floors don’t seem to have a theme but rather serve as a gateway to an eclectic collection. Each level has an infinity staircase wrapping around the entire floor.

The fifth floor is a magnificent rooftop and the only floor with only two art pieces. Shelly saved her own piece for last, displaying a 1 of 1 “Overflow” art NFT. The roof of the gallery has gorgeous 360 views of the surrounding area. For example, an astronaut sculpture and dancing anime characters can be seen from the rooftop.

The Narra Gallery is a futuristic looking structure perfectly poised to become a very successful NFT art museum. It is located in an up-and-coming area, near other notable builds, right outside Dragon City.

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