A Museum Experience from the Comfort of Your Own Home

An all-new exhibition platform is in the works that plans to revolutionize how we interact with NFTs. “Moozem” intends to shake up the industry by creating an immersive museum experience.

The platform will merge old-school ethos with cutting-edge technology to create a truly unique museum experience. With its innovative perspective, Moozem will create nine museums raised in honour of the Nine Greek Muses. Each watching over its own theme, from “art and design,” to “experiences” and “the world” and more. Seven of the nine museums have been revealed already, with a further two waiting to be unveiled.

Moozem will also offer artists the opportunity to render physical artworks into digital NFTs on the basis that the original work is destroyed. It may be a step too far for some, but another chain in the process for others. Other options offered by the team are self-destructing NFTs, NFT time capsules, and watching the aforementioned destruction of physical art.

In addition to the museums, Moozem will provide a trading and auction platform for creators to monetize their art, as well as an exhibition space and storage facilities. Artists will have the option to display their works in public galleries or create an exclusive, invite-only experience.

Interested art enthusiasts wishing to get in the game from the start can get on board now. Early adopters as founding members will receive new and exclusive updates on BETA releases.

Visit the Moozem website >> Here

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Image credit via : Moozem

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