Have You Qualified For Some Free MurAll $PAINT Tokens?

So you might have heard of MurAll (or not), but have you checked your wallet for $PAINT tokens? The new interactive mural project, MurAll, distributed free $PAINT tokens to addresses of both NFT creators and collectors on KnownOrigin, Rarible, SuperRare, and Async Art. 9,252,634,624 $PAINT was distributed to creators and 8,808,062,407 $PAINT to NFT holders. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones? 

In total there were 51,754 addresses that were eligible for the airdrop. The amount dropped to each address is different, and claimants will have enough to actually use it to draw on the MurAll canvas. You can claim your tokens on the MurAll website up until 22nd January 2022. 

How To Check and Claim Your Free PAINT Token

1) Got to the MurAll Website
2) Connect to your Metamask account
3) Hit the PAINT token symbol in the top right hand corner of the page, then click the ‘Check’ button on the popup
4) If you have some $PAINT to collect, it will then appear in the popup box
5) Complete the transaction. You will need to pay the ETH gas fee to claim the PAINT token.

paint token

Each token is currently valued at $0.00119488 at the time of writing. You can check here for the latest price.

The supply of MurAll tokens is limited and the total supply will decrease over time with every drawing produced on MurAll. $PAINT is burned as part of each drawing transaction (0.5 PAINT fixed cost per pixel drawn) and there is only enough supply of $PAINT to allow MurAll to be drawn over in its entirety a maximum of 21 thousand times.

The project has already attracted a large number of artists since anyone can draw whatever they like with $PAINT and there is absolutely zero censorship and full freedom of expression with no limits. 

Add your genius to the project here

Image credit: MurAll

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