First MotoGP™ NFT Sale is Now Live

The first sale of the first edition MotoGP™ Ignition card NFTs is now live and the sale will run until April 2, 2021. Any leftover card packs will be burned after the sale, so if you want to get a pack with one of the earliest print numbers, this is your only chance. Each buyer is allowed to purchase only one pack in order to give everyone a chance to participate. Disappointingly, only credit card is accepted as payment in this first sale.

Nevertheless, the sale features 15 riders and 15 bikers of the MotoGP™ Championship 2020 Season. The second sale which starts on 9 April 2021 will feature the remaining riders and bikes. There are three different types of card packs available and all packs contain three cards for the 2020 MotoGP™ Championship Season. They are the following: 

  • 2020 Season Rider Pack: Standalone Rider (3 cards each featuring a Rider)
  • 2020 Season Bike Pack: Standalone Bike (3 cards each featuring a Bike)
  • 2020 Season Team Pack: Riders and their Bikes (3 cards each featuring both a Rider & Bike)

MotoGP™ Ignition is a racing management and collectibles game on the Flow blockchain and it is officially licensed by MotoGP™. Players can collect different MotoGP™ collectibles such as riders, bikes, coaches, gear, and bike parts. The NFTs sold during this sale will offer utility to the Racing Manager game, and will be used in collection events.

Read more about which riders are included, card pack details, and explanation of the cards over here.

Image credit: via MotoGP

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