Mochi Market Welcomes Polygon to Its Expanding Ecosystem

Mochi Market, a multichain decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs, has teamed up Polygon. Mochi Market aims to become fully usable across all available chains, and the partnership is a step towards integrating another network in the Mochi Market ecosystem, and expanding its capabilities.

Polygon will offer full technical and advisory support, and its growing NFT sector and large user base will make connections between Mochi Market and its NFT partners. Many marketplaces have recently integrated Polygon’s L2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain in order to create a better user experience. Mochi Market will use Polygon’s technology to ensure low gas fees, easy compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain, fluid network interoperability, high scalability, and an easy developer and user experience.

MochiLabs, the organization building Mochi Market, is also working on creating a variety of NFT-based products to bring more value to the NFT sector as a whole. Mochi Market aims to solve fundamental problems within the NFT market such as lack of liquidity, lack of monetization during the NFT token holding period, and the lack of cross-chain exchangeability between fungible and non-fungible tokens. Through the introduction of Mochi Market and its partnership with Polygon, users will be able to get much more out of their NFT experience.

Image credit: via Mochi Market

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