Metazone Launches Token Swaps in Decentraland

Metazone has launched a token swap NFT in Decentraland for landowners. There are only 50 NFTs for the token swap exchanges created, and no more will be created. At the moment 46 are left for purchasing. The price for one is 2000 MANA, which is roughly $494.07 right now. 

This is great news for the virtual world economy, since players previously had to leave the virtual world in order to buy tokens to participate in activities or buy virtual outfits.  

The META uses the 0x protocol to ensure that users get the best swapping rates. Once landowners have added the token swapping exchange to their land they can configure the initial ‘to’ and ‘from’ tokens, the name of the exchange, a protocol fee, the address where to get the fees, and a list of extra available tokens. However, any extra tokens need to be already available for retrieval on CoinGecko. 

Other updates that will potentially be available for adding to your META depending on feedback are a whitelisted list of addresses that can avoid the fee and a whitelisted list of wearables. That means if a user is wearing one of them, they avoid the fee! 

One thing is for sure: This is going to be a game-changer! 

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