Metaverse Explorer: Punk at the London Underground

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you were hoping to find a punk-vibe concert venue to scratch that music itch, boy have I found the spot for you. In this article we are going to be covering London Underground. Located on a road bordering Vegas City (-71,85), lies a colorful build reminiscent of the Viper Room in Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. The structure was designed and built by James Ashton and Toonpunk, two of the most respected community members in all of Decentraland. 

The London Underground is a popular hub located within Festival Land. The structure is a box design with magnificent artwork on the outside. The front of the asset has florescent textures with bright and vibrant colors. The blacked-out concert against the colorful backdrop perfectly describes the atmosphere of the venue. The right side features a drummer surrounded by a multicolored rainbow against a two-toned brown backdrop. The back of the structure has a multicolored blue palette under a blacked-out guitarist. The back of the structure has several ladders trailing to the roof of the structure. The roof has several stories across two rooftops. Be careful! The building to the right has holes where the ladder drops off.

decentraland, metaverse, london underground

I love the colorful artwork of the entire venue. The artist truly understood the ambiance the venue was aiming for and displayed that understanding in the artwork. The multi-level roof provides a social environment for the citizens of Decentraland to interact and enjoy great music.

The inside of the venue is a blacked-out interior with red, blue and white neon beams. The color pallet creates a brand and are the colors in the logo. The stage occupies a majority of the back wall with a bar to the left. I love the windows that bring in natural light and present the room in a twilight fashion.

london underground, decentraland, metaverse

The London Underground is a punk venue perfect for one’s music itch. They frequently host events and the community moderators do a great job cultivating that community. Check back to the Decentraland events page for this venue’s constant bangers and attractions!

decentraland, london underground, metaverse

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