Metaverse Explorer: Understanding the NFTcreep Museum

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you were interested in finding a quirky spot that frequently holds events, look no further. In this article we are going to be discussing the NFTcreep museum (-73,-32). Situated between Soho Plaza and Medieval Plaza, near the south corner, lies a peculiar exhibit boasting some unique NFT art pieces. The museum is one of many and built by an NFT collector named (as you guessed it) NFTcreep.   

The gallery is located in a unique part of town surrounded by notable builds including the Unity Engine HQ, the Art Gallery and Comedy Club and Dragon’s Caring. The gallery’s outside is made of clear and tinted black glass built on a single parcel.

The walls are lined with colorful NFT art including “Hammy” Deformed Bear Collection, I am your father and u∫agi幻覚ᎶᎧէìէą ➍🎂#1 🐰💐🐦🔹🌈🍳🌍. The modern glass build pairs perfectly with the colorful art pieces the gallery showcases. The glass windows provide an eclectic preview of the gallery that can be seen from the outside. The art pieces come in all shapes and sizes and feature various artists.

The inside of the structure is as magnificent and colorful as the outside. The NFT art pieces are double-sided with different colors and textures overlayed on the same image. Colorful neon lights run up, down and along the walls and pillars of the structure. The stairway is unique and each floor is different. The second floor wraps around the building with an open area near the upstairs doorway. The third floor is an open-air gallery highlighting some comical pieces including the Elon Musk. Coinization of Mars.  The top floor is a rooftop lounge with a speaker system and orange neon light borders.


The NFTCreep gallery is one of many galleries the crypto art collector has. NFTCreep seems to be a growing brand in the NFT Space and it’s worth paying attention to anything he has his hands on!  


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