Metaverse Explorer: Crypto Valley’s Blue Glass Museum

Welcome to another round of the ‘Metaverse Explorer’ series, we are going to be looking at the former Matic building in Crypto Valley. Cushioned on the southwest side of Crypto Valley, the blue glass structure is a futuristic build reminiscent of a complex seen in the Hunger Games Capitol.

The asset is a large structure surrounded by notable projects like $WHALE, Game Credits, Rarible, and the Decentraland Conference Room. The structure features several advertisements including Decentraland Games, Axie Infinity and Battle Racers.  The building has a unique blue and white color scheme with tile-looking columns and stairs. The tiles have an awesome pattern like a mosaic mural. The structure is gigantic and spans from the edge of Crypto Valley to about the middle. The building represents a horseshoe with an auditorium and seating and two large screens in the center.

The blue tinted glass outside is magnificent and is perfectly complimented by the hexagon-shaped designs and colorful stairs. It is clear to me the artists spend significant time honing the material’s look and feel. Blue is my favorite color, so the color pallet instantly caught my attention. The blue color reminds me of a clear sky’s day above the beach or at a picnic in the park. The artist’s attention to detail is exceptional with the subtle differences in blues. The horseshoe shape is unique and perfect for hosting events.

The inside of the museum has as many intricate details as the outside. The building spans two-floors with complex artwork and designs along the walls. Several NFT art pieces are showcased in certain parts of the museum with detailed neon-blue waves. The ceilings have honeycomb blue chandeliers dangling like earrings from above. The floors are beige and feature a mesmerizing square pattern with a maze-like sophistication. The walls are a blue-glass tint with polygon shaped frames similar to a gene pattern.

Crypto Valley’s Blue Glass Museum is a notable build in one of the most desired spots in Decentraland. The museum is perfect for large brands to showcase their NFTs or other products. Playboy recently had a promotion event for their NFTs in a neighboring location in Crypto Valley. 

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