Metaverse Explorer: The Collection at the BitBuzz Gallery

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you were as hyped on the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight as I was, this NFT art gallery should get your attention. In this article we are going to be discussing the BitBuzz gallery. Located on 8 parcels of land along a road, this web-like structure sits perfectly between Forest Plaza and Dragon City at 40,-83.

The museum was created by CryptoSteveWand, a long-time crypto enthusiast, and creator of Not Fungible is described as an “NFT luxury art gallery and NFT artist incubator.” The incubator’s first cohort is scheduled to launch early Q2, 2021.

BitBuzz, NFT, art, decentraland, metaverse

The gallery is a popular and modern building surrounded by trees, experimental scenes, The Sammich Game and a giant bodybuilder statue. The glass building has a white design that wraps around the structure like spider webs. It is a sophisticated look with intriguing details such as water ponds and park benches in the front and back. 

BitBuzz, decentraland, metaverse, art, NFT

The museum’s experience starts off with glass sliding doors and a large BitBuzz sign in the center of the entrance. There is a reception desk between the sign and the entrance, similar to where a security guard would stand in an office building. There are couches to the left and  right and web-like beams protruding out the floors and ceilings.

The first floor is lined with NFT art and has a central corridor leading to the name “nft.eth.” The stairs are all the way in the back and feature a glass stairway with wooden details. The second floor has a different layout, but the same theme as the first floor. There are three double-sided rows with NFT art on each side. The third floor is similar to the 2nd floor, with a couple interior design differences. All the art is owned by BitBuzz and created by various artists. 

BitBuzz, decentraland, metaverse, NFT, art

I love the simplicity and sophistication this build offers. The web-like beams add a unique touch to a traditional glass building. The gallery frequently hosts events from notable brand names including the Floyd Mayweather Jr. NFT drop.

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