Decentraland Spotlight Series: #4 Metalith

If crunching numbers and data is your thing, then the team at Metalith have you covered. Joel and Mark launched their project towards the back end of last year after successfully securing investment from Metaverse Ventures, a fund setup to help finance Decentraland projects. The LAND price index has already proven a hit within the community, so, let’s hear more from this talented team of two.

Name of Project: Metalith
Website / Social:, @metalithio,
Snapshot: Data metrics and tools for LAND owners
Creators: Mark Le (@markledev), Joel Hubert (@jmahh)
Month /Year Project Started: August 2019
Favourite Cheese?
Joel: Gruyere
Mark: Dark cheese
Satoshi or Vitalik?
Joel: Without Satoshi, no blockchain…
Mark: I’m going with Vitalik for designing a platform for revolutionary products.

How did you find out about Decentraland?
Joel: Through a colleague who was shilling the MANA ICO in 2017 – thought it was a scam at first (there were so many), which was a bad take obviously!
Mark: Through Joel. I’m also greatly inspired by Ready Player One.

What first attracted you to Decentraland?
Metalith: The idea of an uncensorable virtual world where economic incentives are fully aligned with the user base. Still waiting for it to be stress-tested by someone building something politically incorrect though!

What do you consider to be the biggest selling points for Decentraland?
Metalith: Very solid core team, strong community including builders with advanced 3d modelling expertise, strongest decentralized contender for Second Life successor, e.g. true ownership.

What is Metalith?
Metalith: Metalith is a company dedicated to powering smarter NFT investments. NFT markets are in the very early stages and Metalith provides services to help investors navigate these markets. Our flagship metric, the LAND Index, is the first to summarize overall price performance for an NFT market and helps stakeholders make smarter investments for a better future. The Index also provides specific actionable information by e.g. dividing the map into zones and allowing performance comparisons between them.

Why did you start Metalith?
Metalith: We originally started Metalith because we felt there was a need for an economic protocol in virtual worlds like Decentraland; a platform that would make it easy to enter into business agreements involving NFTs. We originally focused on leasing LAND (called VRLaw back then) and have taken a more general approach to “NFT finance” since then.

What are you currently working on?
Metalith: We’re currently working on adding real-time data to the LAND Index, as well as expanding the Index across projects to help more stakeholders in the space. We also plan to launch an improved version of our LAND Market Metrics module, as well as innovative metrics related to liquidity. Last but not least, we are exploring a potentially revolutionary model that could improve NFT liquidity natively.

What goals do you have for Metalith?
Metalith: We’re named after the megaliths, which were large stone structures acting as a foundation to various ancient civilizations. Our vision is to build a platform that can support and empower the emerging Metaverse through the research and development of innovative solutions for NFT markets.

Where do you hope to see Metalith in 2 years time?
Metalith: Hosting our NFT Index on the virtual equivalent of Times Square!

Will Decentraland become the lively metaverse we are all hoping for?
Metalith: We are thrilled by the content being produced, and we think Decentraland has a great shot if it manages to capture the soul of the crypto community by capitalizing on people’s virtual wants and needs. That’s easier said than done, but creativity in this space is off the charts and inspires a bright future indeed.

DCL Plazas would like to thank the Metalith team for a great interview. Their project is already proving very useful, and we’re looking forward to seeing the project scale, both in and out of Decentraland. Good luck team Metalith!

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