MEME and Nifty’s Partner Up to Create an NFT Social Media Platform

MEME just can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the moment. In a recent announcement it has now partnered up with Nifty’s to create a new NFT platform with social galleries and powerful publishing tools. MEME co-founders Jordan Lyall, Chris Your, and Eric Tesenair will join Nifty’s as co-founders. MEME will play a core role in Nifty’s development by using the robust technology of the MEME Protocol to create a more accessible and inclusive space for the new Nifty’s community. 

Nifty’s is backed up by major investors such as Mark Cuban, Joseph Lubin, 0xb1, Tim Draper, Polychain, Liberty City Ventures, and Biz Stone and Fred Blackford’s Future Positive. This partnership is sure to bring forth innovation for the NFT industry and a new experience for the MEME community. 

The investment from Nifty’s also means that MEME can now focus on growth and development, and moving toward a more decentralized MEME governance. The MEME community will of course, also benefit from this partnership. MEME holders will get early beta access to Nifty’s products, exclusive access to community channels and special events, and exclusive Nifty’s NFTs only for MEME holders. 

Nifty’s is definitely bringing something much-needed to the NFT community by creating an NFT-focused social media platform that brings together publishers, brands and creators with collectors, curators and fans to create a new kind of community.

Nifty’s platform is expected to launch later this spring. Read the full press release here.

Image credit: via Nifty’s

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