MegaCryptoPolis Releases Its First World Demo

A moment many have been waiting for – the first MegaCryptoPolis World demo is finally here! The demo features the Mayor’s office with panoramic city views, custom interiors, and the most iconic storefront NFT auctions. 

The World upgrade will transform the decentralized city to a virtual world. A new layer of gameplay will allow players to walk down the street with their Citizen as an avatar, drive a Car token, build their own apartment,  as well as display and sell collectible NFTs.

The MegaCryptoPolis map serves as a global marketplace where NFTs can be presented as visually attractive objects in the 3D world, rather than in boring lists in a 2D interface. Players will be able to explore the world, and enter random buildings to discover rare NFTs presented by other players.

The World Demo allows users to visit Main Towers on both maps with a Citizen as avatar to illustrate the major change coming to the game. The Demo will evolve as the World development progresses. At the moment, the Demo gives an idea of how players will be able to enter buildings and explore interiors, NFT objects created in the game and placed inside interiors, chatting with NPCs for missions and quests, and many other features.

See the full report about the Demo and instructions on how to watch the demo here

MegaCryptoPolis has a very promising future. The market cap created by players releasing tokens from the vault also keeps rising, and just a few days ago we saw the $MEGA token jump in value by 863% from $5.55 on Friday to a peak of almost $50 on Monday. Perhaps, the token will skyrocket to new heights after more people find out about MCP World and all the new ways the $MEGA token will be used in the MegaCryptoPolis economy.

MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city builder strategy game running in the form of a dApp (decentralized application) on multiple blockchains. MegaCryptoPolis 3D allows players to rent buildings, produce materials that are required by other buildings, create new generations of citizens, offer services to other players, place ads and drive cars, just to name a few.

Stay tuned over here for the World demo!

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