Mark Cuban Makes Major Investment in CryptoSlam

Mark Cuban is clearly one of the biggest allies of NFTs, he’s already heavily invested in quite a few projects, and his latest investment is in CryptoSlam. CryptoSlam is an aggregator of NFT collectible data from Ethereum, WAX, and FLOW blockchains. is the go-to destination for tracking all things NFT — from NBA Top Shot moments to CryptoPunks, Bitcoin Origins, Sorare and so much more,” said Cuban. “CryptoSlam has become the industry leader in tracking transactions for NFTs — from watching in real-time what is being listed and sold on NBA Top Shots to being able to trade your NFTs. And that dominance is only growing. I’m excited to be part of the amazing company Randy is putting together.”

The website was launched in 2019 by Randy Wasinger as a way to track NFT data from MLB Champions, the first NFTs to be officially licensed by a major professional sports league. The website immediately received a warm response from NFT collectors, and Rasinger knew he was onto something worthwhile. 

CryptoSlam now tracks over fifty different NFT projects from three different blockchains, and has been cited by major media outlets such as CNBC, Forbes and the New York Times. Additional investment was also received from strategic partners Aloomii Inc., Troon Technologies, and GeoAds LLC to complete this initial round of funding.

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