Lucas Zanotto and RAC Auction on MakersPlace

Grammy-winning musician and producer RAC has teamed up with world-famous motion designer Lucas Zanotto and created an exclusive audio-visual collection called ‘Along the Rails.’

Their eye catching debut series is now on auction at MakersPlace and will end on March 11th at 10PM EST. The series on auction includes three pieces called ‘Along The Rails – Under Lip,’ ‘Along The Square Rails,’ and ‘Along The Flat Rails.’ Each animated piece tells a story through shapes and sounds, and comes with its own aquatic-effects soundtrack. The current highest offer is 3 ETH ($5,616.48).

rac nft music art

This series really shows off the creativity and fearless experimentation of both RAC and Lucas Zanotto. Lucas Zanotto is a designer, animator and director hailing from Italy. His creations stand out with their bright and playful shapes and forms. RAC is known for his experimental musical style and remixes of songs by famous artists such as Lady GaGa, Bob Marley, Kings of Leon, and many more.

Place your bid over here!

Image credit: via MakersPlace and Lucas Zanotto & ninjatune.net

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