Mad Dog Jones NFT Now Live on Phillips Auction House

It’s another historic and monumental week for CryptoArt, with Pak releasing his collection through Sotheby’s, and Mad Dog Jones (Michah Dowbak) releasing his latest project ‘REPLICATOR’ through contemporary auction house Phillips

REPLICATOR is not just an artwork but an NFT experience comprising seven unique generations of artworks. Generation 1 is now live on auction, the bidding closes in ten days. Each REPLICATOR NFT can create a limited number of “prints” which are NFTs themselves, and the time between each print is 28 days. 

Each print will either be a next generation REPLICATOR NFT or a Jammed print NFT, based on contract probabilities. However, if a print is a Jam, it can be one of multiple variants, but can no longer create more NFTs. Each REPLICATOR NFT or Jammed print NFT can be resold at any time.

Phillips auction house describes the NFT project as an ode to the evolution of technology. “REPLICATOR tells the story of a machine through time. The visual component of this work, a digital image of a photocopier housed in a downtown Los Angeles office space, is a nostalgic nod to a once-cutting-edge technology, now on its way toward obsolescence. This image only begins to tell the story of Dowbak’s complex narrative that deftly interweaves medium, form and function, through his use of the recent technological innovation of the Non-fungible Token or NFT.”

Place your bid here, and find out more about the project here

Image credit: via Mad Dog Jones

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