Top Meme Artist ‘Lushsux’ Auction & Giveaway on MakersPlace

The world’s first official meme artist, Lushsux, is now auctioning a series of artworks on MakersPlace. Lushsux teamed up with collector 888 to present an iconic portrait series of society’s most impactful figures.

The angel 888 came to me with a prophecy, the vision was to spend 8 whole days in VR painting 8 figures from the crypto slash NFT space. My first all digital piece of artwork ever to be released as an NFT. Each portrait is someone I consider interesting or a leading figure within this whole new world for a lot of us.”

The series features eight artworks with eight editions. Every day, one edition will be released and available for bidding, and a new artwork will be revealed each week over the course of eight weeks. The artwork which is on auction right now is called ‘The digital art god Beeple.’ It is the first one of eight editions, and each edition is auctioned for 24 hours over seven days. 

Lushsux decided to base his first edition on Beeple since he is the most prolific artist in the CryptoArt scene right now, and he also inspired Lushsux to go all in on the NFT space. 

There is also a special giveaway for those who collect all eight of the artworks. They will receive an oculus VR headset and an hour with Lushsux watching him create art in VR. Collectors of all 8 artworks of the same edition number will additionally get to watch Lushsux create a 1/1 artwork just for them.

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