South Korea’s Largest Social Gaming App Releasing NFTs with Enjin

Ludena Protocol, the company behind GameTalkTalk, which is one of South Korea’s most popular social gaming apps, has teamed up with Enjin to create NFTs. GameTalkTalk has over three million users making it South Korea’s largest social gaming platform. 

Ludena will release the option to buy fashion, furniture and pet NFTs to attract a wider audience. Users will be able to create unique NFTs which they can use on playable game characters across Ludena games, along with Ludena World avatar and room decoration. The NFTs will be created through Enjin’s proof-of-authority (PoA) mechanism in order to reduce energy consumption. The project will be launched on April 6. 

It’s an honor to work with them to create NFTs that are sustainable for their business and the environment as well,” Simon Kertonegoro, the Vice President of Developer Success at Enjin, said in an interview with GamesBeat. “The next phase of NFTs will be high-functioning NFTs that provide real utility, and provide people with an experience that they would not otherwise have.”

GameTalkTalk will be using Enjin’s Efinity NFT platform and its gas-free, interoperable bridging network and scaling solution, JumpNet.

Image credit: via Enjin and Ludena

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