Lost Relics Introduces New Play To Earn features

Lost Relics, an action-adventure RPG, just released a new feature where players can earn rewards. To claim these unique rewards, players have to complete Bounties. To achieve this, you’ll need to level up your skills in Engineering and Alchemy, as well as defend Talmuth against hordes of monsters who guard the rarest Relics in the universe. 

If you haven’t tried out the game yet, jump in to vanquish monsters and discover some super rare blockchain items. Lost Relics is a play-to-earn Diablo inspired video game created by Codebit Labs. Anyone can play for free and immediately earn gold coins and blockchain items. 

The game is still in Alpha. And because it is currently in the very early stages of development, many of the features available are still a work in progress. But this makes it a great time to join in and be part of the development process and growth of the project. 

The game also offers great benefits for members who purchase Power Pendants. To become a member, payment can be done through PayPal or on the blockchain with Ethereum or Enjin. You’ll then have to activate your Power Pendants virtual items on your account. After activating them, you get access to members-only content including adventures, skills, benefits, and the full range of items. 

For the full details of the game, see the Lost Relics website.

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