A Guide to Alternative CryptoArt Marketplaces – Which is Best for You?

You might already be familiar with all the popular CryptoArt marketplaces which are on the Ethereum blockchain, however, there are a growing number of alternative NFT marketplaces which are much cheaper to use with very low gas fees.

We have another detailed article on the most popular CryptoArt marketplaces here. In this article we will compare the lesser-known NFT platforms which are not on the Ethereum blockchain. We take a look at what each one offers so you can choose the best platform for your work.

Overall these marketplaces are not as polished and user-friendly at the moment as the more established and popular platforms, but they are making good progress. As with most platforms that are not curated, you will need to put your work out there and network as much as possible to attract collectors. Read our article ‘How to Become a CryptoArtist in 10 Steps’ on how to effectively promote and sell your work.

Below we cover Kalamint, NFT Showroom, VIV3, Paras, Sign-Art, Hic et Nunc, Refinable, Binance, and Airnfts.

If you’re looking for information on how to create an NFT/CryptoArt, read this article.


Kalamint has mixed reviews, but if you love Tezos, this is your place. Artists need to be approved in order to mint and sell their art on the platform, however, there is quite a good mix of artists, from average art to higher quality art. There is a fair amount of anime and collectibles, and the prices range from $50 to $1,000 and up.

Blockchain: Tezos

Payment: $XTZ

Platform fees (excluding gas): Unknown (perhaps only transaction fees)

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: Everyone can apply

Auction style: Place a bid on running auction or Buy It Now

Royalties: Set your own percentage



Sign-Art boasts some very high-quality talented artists when compared to other platforms. Very few artists are approved, so the marketplace isn’t overcrowded yet. Unfortunately, you can’t search according to genres so you will have to scroll through all the artwork, unless you are searching for a specific artist. Overall, it is a great platform if you are a serious creator who puts time and effort into creating desirable NFTs.

Blockchain: Waves

Payment: $SIGN, $WAVES, $USDN

Platform fees (excluding gas): Platform takes 7% on all sales using $SIGN, 10% on sales using $WAVES and $USDN, and it costs $1 to mint an artwork with up to 10 editions

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: Experienced or very talented creators

Auction style: Place an offer auction

Royalties: For secondary sales 10% goes to the original creator, 87% to the seller, and 3% to the platform




NFT Showroom is the ideal platform for new artists. It is very easy to be verified and a great place for selling your art without paying high gas fees. The community is very supportive of each other and the website has more features than most other alternative marketplaces that are not on the Ethereum blockchain. You can easily filter and sort the available art pieces in a number of ways.

Blockchain: Hive

Payment: $HIVE

Platform fees (excluding gas): 10% on initial sale, 5% for secondary sales

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: New artists

Auction style: Reserve Price, Timed auctions

Royalties: 5%


VIV3 is the first general marketplace on Flow. In terms of CryptoArt, it is highly focused on collections rather than individual artworks. The collections regularly sell out and most of the art is quite impressive. Creators must first send a portfolio of their work and be approved. Artists, game studios and brands can apply.

Blockchain: Flow

Payment: $FLOW

Platform fees (excluding gas): 12.5%, resale fee is 2.5%

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: All types of creators

Auction style: No auction option

Royalties: between 2.5% and 10%


Paras is an interesting and unconventional NFT platform. It is an arts cards marketplace and not a traditional art marketplace. All artworks submitted are sold as art cards with an aspect ratio of 64:89 and no more than 16MB in size. The community is very enthusiastic and helpful, and if you love to collect cards and art, this is the perfect combination!

Blockchain: Near

Payment: $NEAR

Platform fees (excluding gas): 2%

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: All types of creators can apply

Auction style: Buy It Now, Open-Ended Offers

Royalties: Set your own royalties


Hic et Nunc has become one of the most popular CryptoArt marketplaces. It is one of the best platforms for emerging artists, although many established artists have also been joining. There is a lot of experimentation going on and many artists are making a name for themselves on there. The platform has also been outperforming major competitors such as Rarible in attracting new users.

Blockchain: Tezos

Payment: $XTZ

Platform fees (excluding gas): 2.5% paid by the buyer

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: New artists (although established artists or artists with big followings have also been joining recently)

Auction style: Highest Bid Auction & Price Drop auction styles can be done on a separate website called objkt.com

Royalties: 10% on secondary sales


Refinable is a general NFT marketplace so you can find all types of NFTs on there. It is very easy to set up and account and create and list NFTs for sale as there is no vetting process. The platform’s focus is to provide a solution to the four main NFT verticals; creation, distribution, discovery and utility. Since the marketplace was launched this year, the platform is still working on more advanced functionality features.

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Payment: $FINE

Platform fees (excluding gas): Regular sellers pay 2.5%, $FINE token holders pay 1.5%

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: New artists

Auction style: Timed auctions

Royalties: 1% on secondary sales

Binance NFT launched in June 2021 and is still very new to the NFT marketplace scene. Creators have to first be approved before they can sell their artworks on the platform. The marketplace also supports NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is divided into two sections, Trading Market and Premium Events. Premium Events will feature a selection of curated NFTs and exclusive exhibitions for which Binance NFT charges a 10% fee and rewards creators with 90% of the proceeds.

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Payment: $BNB

Platform fees (excluding gas): 1%

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: All types of creators and artists

Auction style: Timed auctions

Royalties: 1% on secondary sales


Airnfts is still relatively unknown, however, the small community around it has many positive things to say about it. It is very easy to set up an artist account and start selling NFTs. The platform prides itself in offering great user experience and ease of use in creating, buying and selling NFTs.

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Payment: $BNB

Platform fees (excluding gas): 2.5% after you have sold an NFT

What kind of artists is this platform ideal for?: All types of artists and creators

Auction style: Timed auction

Royalties: 10%


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