Launch Party of Polygonal Mind Headquarters in Decentraland

The official headquarters for Polygonal Mind is ready to open! 

Make sure to join the launch party on February 18th, from 5 PM to 8 PM UTC, on Decentraland. 

This is a special moment for the Polygonal team and one they’ve been preparing for a while now. To give a little background on their involvement in Decentraland – the Polygonal team has played a fundamental role of building and evolving many big Decentraland projects over the last few years. 

Their metaverse adventures started at the end of 2018. Blockchain and Crypto were all pretty new to them back then, but after joining the Discord community there was no going back, with Toxsam leading his talented team from the front.

Since then they have worked on more than 12 projects, from small to huge buildings, as well as special events like the recent MetaCube. They have also become a key part of the DCL ecosystem with more than 1K LAND developed in total.

Their DCL projects include Momus Park, Satti, Tomb Chaser, Viking Gym, Mail Shorter, South Towers, Escape Room, Transit System, Aetherian B. Museum, and a number of prototypes and contests. 

Let’s support the Polygonal team and their hard work and talent in making the NFT space awesome for everyone! 

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