Last Chance to Get These Six Blankos

If you’re fond of your Blankos and will miss seeing some of them around, get ready to pick a few up before we say goodbye to them forever on March 2nd. It will be sad to see some of our favourites go forever. The six Blankos that will be permanently removed from the in-game store on March 2nd at 2PM PST are Dazzle, Majo, Stupid Cupid, Watermelonie, Altidude, and Lumberjack. 

Let’s take a look at their characteristics. Stupid Cupid is the ultimate romantic and can be purchased individually or in a bundle with a Stupid Cupid Cross Bow and Stupid Cupid Wings. Watermelonie is the hard-headed Blanko that looks sweet on the outside, but will turn your life sour if you break that rind. Dazzle is like an unstoppable warship, and the one you want on your side to win a fight. 

Lumberjack is the ultimate Blanko with an axe to the rescue. Majo is not only super attractive but also super intelligent and aggressive, with an appetite for victory. And Altitude is the starry-eyed Blanko that takes flying and racking up KOs to a whole other level. 

The Blankos team is currently deploying Open Beta Patch 3. Patch 3 will be deployed at 9:30AM PST on March 2nd. One new Blanko will replace the six that will be removed. More Blankos will be released in phases with shorter time lapses in between releases than before. So expect a second Blanko release later in March! 

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Image credit: via Blankos

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