Larva Labs’ Latest Offering ‘Meebits’ Goes Down a Storm

Larvalabs, the company behind the infamous CryptoPunks, have unleashed their latest brand of nefarious persona. Meet the Meebits, 3D avatars built for virtual worlds, games, and VR.

Limited to 20,000 units, the launch took place as a Dutch auction and a community grant. Just under half (9,488) were sold at a public auction, while the rest are available for CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs owners to redeem their collectibles for a free Meebit. The community grant phase will be available for one week only.

The dutch auction lasted just a few hours, with Meebits starting price at 2.5 $ETH a piece, which at the time of the auction was around $8000. As a result, Larvalabs managed to raise a whopping 80 million dollars in only 6 ½ hours.

It appears as though Pigs, Elephants, Aliens, Skeletons and some Daft Punk looking characters are going to be the rarest of all Meebits, with some already exchanging hands for more than 200 ETH like this guy.

Yesterday it was the Bored Ape Yacht Club, today it’s Meebits, so what comes tomorrow and which of these collectibles are here to stay? Only time will tell; for now owners can enjoy a good Meebit flex.

Image credit: via Larva Labs

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