Justin Sun Finally Gets a Beeple Piece For $……?

Justin Sun has been trying to get his hands on a rare Beeple NFT for a while now. Rumours have been spreading that he was outbid on both Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet as well as at Christie’s Beeple auction. But today, Justin is likely to have a spring in his step as he finally got lucky and walked away with a Beeple NFT from the latest Nifty Gateway drop. He certainly wasn’t going to let this one slip, and let’s be honest, he probably would have purchased it for an astronomical amount if the other bidders had placed even higher bids. 

So what was the final amount? Justin Sun purchased Beeple’s ‘Ocean Front’ artwork for exactly $6 million. The bidding war was between BabyBeluga, 3fmusic, and Justin Sun. The starting bid was $2,777,827.77 by 3fmusic, so definitely no average joe was going to get in on this auction. This was one reserved for deep pockets.

‘Ocean Front’ is part of Beeple’s ‘Everydays’ series and it was created on March 23, 2019. The artwork is part of Open Earth Foundation, a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to building a global and digitally integrated climate accounting system to track progress on the Paris Agreement. The proceeds of the auction will be used to fight climate change. 

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