Artist Jonathan Wolfe Sells Out on $MEME

Jonathan Wolfe, a Canadian-based artist with an extraordinary talent for blending digital and physical art together, sold out his second drop on $MEME. The collection included four new, exclusive NFTs which sold out pretty quickly. You can see the $MEME artworks over here.

One of the artworks which was up for auction, called ‘Watching Tree,’ is currently listed for $167, 951 (99 ETH) on OpenSea. ‘Watching Tree’ is a digitally edited painting (acrylic, ink, oil, and spray paint on a 18″ x 24″ stretched canvas) and comes with the original painting itself. 

Watching Tree

Even though Wolfe is only 21 years old, he’s already created quite a large and varied portfolio of works, and was featured in several interviews, including making it to the Weekly Top 10 Picks on SupeRare Editorial. 

Army of Frogs

Army of Frogs

Wolfe was inspired to start creating CryptoArt through FEWOCiOUS, and thinks $MEME is a great way for people to get into NFTs. Wolfe’s artworks are also available on Rarible, Bitski, and SuperRare.  Follow him on Twitter for the latest releases.

Image credit: Artwork by Jonathan Wolfe

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