Join the the Cyberpunk 2021 Builder Contest in Decentraland

Decentraland just kicked off the super exciting Cyberpunk Builder Contest in collaboration with Aetheria district. If you want to be part of building a new feature in the virtual world, this is your chance. Aetheria is the cyberpunk district in Decentraland, and since it’s largely a community developed and driven project, you can help build some cool, new cyberpunk scenes for the district. 

If you’re not sure what cyberpunk is, think The Matrix meets The Fifth Elements, or a dystopian futuristic setting where urban societies are dominated by mega powerful computer technology. If you’re in need of some inspiration, re-watching Snow Crash and Blade Runner will certainly give you some dark ideas. 

To create a cyberpunk scene, you can use the new asset pack in the Decentraland Builder which was made by KJ Walker and Dappcraft. Find out more here on how to submit your scene. 

Decentraland will be giving out some big MANA prizes for the top 10 cyberpunk scenes. The number one pick will claim LAND + $2.5k USD worth of MANA. If you’re not part of the top 10, you can still try make it in the top 50 creations, which will be deployed in Aetheria District. 

The contest is taking place throughout February and ending on March 2nd.

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