Javier Arrés Latest Drop Sells Out on MakersPlace

Javier Arrés, winner of London Art Biennale in 2019, made over $26,000 within 15 minutes today. He sold all 68 editions of his “It’s Alive” artwork within minutes at the latest Makersplace limited edition art drop. 43 collectors managed to get their hands on some of his cutting-edge digital art, and some bought more than one piece. 

Many collectors tried to grab one of these limited pieces which are complementary to his exploratory series titled “Bitcoin, The Origin.” These series explore the mystery which surrounds the creation of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Arrés’s work stands out because of its unique hyper-detail and toy-like style, colours and animation. He has exhibited his work at some of the largest art events in Europe, and has also worked on several big commissions for NFL, popular magazines, whisky companies, an MTV interview and South China Morning Post in Singapore. 

Before being approached by Makersplace, he didn’t know anything about NFTs or crypto art. He worked many years as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director, and graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia Production. Arrés says he has many projects in the pipeline and that he is working on some new releases and special orders requested by NFT art collectors.  

It is fantastic to see so many artists making their way into crypto and NFTs. Congratulations to Javier!

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