Interview with Designer Tom Zardoz & His NFT Gallery

If you haven’t visited the magnificent Zardoz.Club yet, we highly recommend you take a stroll through this absolutely breathtaking space in CryptoVoxels right now.

Zardoz.Club is a virtual cultural centre opened in February 2020, focused on digital visual arts, and CryptoArt specifically. We interviewed gallery founder and curator Tomm Zardoz, who is a Brazilian designer living in Madrid, Spain. He represents a number of CryptoArtists, including Diegrich, ORLA, Hey Pablo!, Yuri Tuma, and Hot Soft.

The main gallery displays a permanent exhibition of Tomm Zardoz’s collection, that amounts to over 40 names, and there is also an area for events and temporary exhibitions. Zardoz.Club also includes a beach, a disco, and a Tower, which is a giant open space dedicated to interactive installations and temporary exhibitions.

Check out the fascinating interview below where we discuss the future of Zardoz Gallery, the challenges in building a gallery, the future of CryptoArt, and much more.

What made you want to open your own gallery?

I was introduced to CryptoArt by my friends Lenara Verle and Ilan Katin right before the Covid-19 pandemic, in February 2020. A few weeks later I was forced to shut down my travel startup, and I got locked down in a house far from civilization. In this abrupt “new normality” I started to spend my time helping a few artists to create and sell digital art. I also began collecting NFT pieces that got my attention from pioneers and emergent CryptoArtists. So it was natural to create a virtual space where I could showcase all of that.

What has been your biggest challenge in building an NFT gallery?

Metaverse virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space are still in “beta” stages so I had to deal with lots of bugs and missing features while creating the gallery inside Cryptovoxels. Some of the technical issues from one year ago are fixed but there is big room for improvements.


What do you aim to achieve with the gallery space?

The gallery space allows me to create so many things: art exhibitions, music events, live speeches, etc., so besides showcasing my art collection and promoting my artist friends, I let the space be used by other artists and promoters of the NFT scene too. My main goal is to create a sense of community, a place where artists and collectors can collide and meet each other.

Who is the most recent artist to join your gallery and why did you choose them?

Hey Pablo!, a Spanish dystopian-pop artist is the latest to have his own space in the gallery. His work is a perfect combination of art and social critique that goes way beyond what is being done in the “NFT collectibles” scene. Take a look at his amazing collection here.

How do you decide what to collect and any advice for collectors?

I consider myself a collector, not a trader, so I love to buy art from undiscovered but promising artists. I have a taste for more abstract, minimalistic and generative art, instead of memes and complex 3D videos. I was lucky to get many pieces by people that are now super famous in the NFT scene.

In the future, how do you see the role of CryptoArt?

CryptoArt is a whole new paradigm for the creation, display and distribution of art. At the same time, the changes it brings come so fast and unexpectedly, that I have no idea how CryptoArt will be seen in the next 5-10 years. So I can´t wait to witness and be part of this brave new world of art. 

Who are your favorite and/or most influential artists?

I have to mention the artists that I directly assist and promote through the gallery: Diegrich, ORLA, Yuri Tuma, Hey Pablo! and Hot Soft. I personally invited them to be part of the CryptoArt scene because their digital work is amazing and fits perfectly with this new “paradigm.”

As a collector, my favorite artists are so many but I could say that Sarah Zucker, JSF (Julio Smitter) and VJ Entter were the very first to get my attention and show me the huge creative potential of the CryptoArt movement.

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