Interview with the Creator of the Eclectic NFTcreep Gallery

In one of our latest Metaverse Explorer series articles we visited NFTcreep, an incredible gallery situated in between Soho Plaza and Medieval Plaza in Decentraland.

The structure of the gallery is magnificent on both the outside and inside, and the artists featured give it an incredibly eclectic feel.

So we decided to find out more about the creator, why they opened the gallery, their challenges in building it, and where the gallery space is headed. Read the full interview below.

What made you want to open your own gallery?

One of my friends is well known in the art world but wanted to start an anonymous NFT art project called DeformedTv. I’ve had my land in Decentraland from the initial land auction a few years back and had wanted to build something on it. DeformedTv started minting NFTs, and I started learning how to construct a gallery. Everything all came together organically without too much thought.

What has been your biggest challenge in building an NFT gallery?

The biggest challenge for me has been learning how to design, build, and curate a gallery. These are all new skills I am learning on the go.

What do you aim to achieve with the gallery space?

I’m not looking to gain anything personally. I own the land, so I have the freedom to work with the NFT art community, with only my time as a cost. It’s a lot of fun getting to see so much beautiful artwork from every corner of the planet while at the same time interact with it and the artists. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the art world, as the whole world is getting involved.

There are many plans to evolve the NFTcreep galleries in the future. I’ve been working with a new startup called Parcel Parties to begin throwing events at the galleries with live broadcasted DJs and interaction between the metaverse and the universe. The first event will be in August.

I’ve also been working on bringing collectors into the galleries to get even more buying happening. BuddyFox33 has joined as a recurring collector looking to purchase new and upcoming artists. There will be more collectors entering the mix soon. 100% of proceeds from sales in the NFTcreep galleries go directly to the artists.

Who is the most recent artist to join your gallery and why did you choose them?

I try to give every artist a platform at my galleries. They put a lot of energy into creating the work, and it’s hard to fill the shoes of both the creator and the promoter. The last placement, in my new gallery, NFTcreep’s – CREEP MUSEUM, had over 60 artists featured.

How do you decide what to collect and any advice for collectors?

I’m new to the NFT art collection world, but I’ve been collecting NFTs for many years now. Mainly assets like land, names, and collectibles. It’s hard to give advice when it comes to art as everyone has their taste. My suggestion would be to buy what resonates with you and not what everyone is telling you to buy. Art is personal, and the journey should be as well.

In the future, how do you see the role of CryptoArt?

CryptoArt is the natural evolution of art in our ever-changing digital world. We can expect to see it, as it exists now, becoming the dominant outlet for artwork, whether the art is strictly digital or tied to a physical piece as a form of authenticity. But that is the outcome if CryptoArt doesn’t evolve.

I’m expecting many surprises in future with the evolution of CryptoArt. The technology and market will continue to grow with all of the recent attention and adoption. As VR, AR, and 3D printing become more prevalent, we should see more interaction with art and CryptoArt both within the physical world and the metaverse.

Who are your favorite and/or most influential artists?

For me, it’s every artist. Art is an expression. I’m attracted to people expressing themselves creatively. What would be considered the best art, right down to the worst art, both ends of the spectrum will invoke a response, an action of thought, some good, some bad. I’m a thinker and like to think. Art makes me think. So I get drawn to all its forms and creators.

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