Inkers CryptoArt Collection Making Waves Amongst Collectors

A special CryptoArt project created by tattoo artists, one illustrator, a developer and a scenography advisor has been catching the attention of collectors. Known as Inkers HK Family NFT, it features 100 originals based on the association of dozens of layers drawn by the three artists around five portraits of female icons. This is done through a generative algorithm which the team created to blend their artistic styles.

The purchase of an original or a copy gives owners the right to receive a physical copy signed by the artists, numbered, and engraved with the corresponding blockchain transaction address. Holding originals or copies of these works also entitles owners to royalties (in ETH) when subsequent copies are purchased. Owners of the original will automatically receive 30% with every sale of a copy of the original.

The original NFTs cost 0.1 ETH, and the price of these NFTs increases by 10% every 5 originals sold after the presale period. The algorithm for generating originals guarantees that they will all be unique, which is why the number of originals that it will be possible to generate is limited to 100.

The first copy NFT of the original is 0.05 ETH, and to limit the number of copies in circulation, each copy costs 50% more than the previous copy. The good news is that holders of the copies will also benefit from future sales. Copy owners are entitled to an automatic 30% commission distributed equitably among all copy holders.

Collectors who purchase a copy or an original will receive a physical print numbered and signed by the artists. This print is also engraved with the transaction number associated with the matching token and delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

The artists behind the project are Dimitri HK, Nina HK and Sid L-Boy. Dimitri HK has been a tattoo artist for over 30 years, an illustrator, painter, and is also the co-founder and president of the Inkers app. Nina HK is an illustrator and works as a concept artist for video games, and Sid L-Boy has created his own Creepy new-school style, adding his trashy-punky style to the creative blend of the project.

See the Inkers NFT art collection >> Here

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