Indian Art Galleries Join Frenzy for NFT Artwork

India is at the start of a massive journey into CryptoArt and the use of NFTs. The co-director of Delhi’s Nature Morte gallery,  Aparajita Jain, just launched her latest venture,, earlier this month. appears to be like any other art-sales website, but it also mints a corresponding NFT for each work on the Ethereum blockchain. The online platform sells artworks of South Asian origin and represents a variety of artists. It also educates audiences and engages with the latest technology craze — NFTs of course!

The platform allows artworks to be registered and assigned a digital token which is made available for sale on the marketplace. It provides collectors a transparent, secure, and tamper-proof method of adding to their artwork collection.

Another Indian gallery, DAG, is also expected to set up a blockchain venture soon. is relying on art galleries around the country to join. It is expected there will be massive growth in the Indian Art market as new tech money starts coming in. ith the growth of blockchain ventures into the art world, and one thing is certain – those who deal in fakes should be afraid.

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