Illuvium Raises $5 Million in Funding for Gaming

Illuvium is on a roll right now!  Not long after releasing the first game demo, the decentralized gaming platform has now reported raising $5 million in funding from one of the largest venture capital funds in the DeFi space, Framework Ventures

Illuvium players will be able to explore and capture NFT creatures known as Illuvials, which will debut with the first-ever four-dimensional-shading holographic NFT design. The team behind Illuvium aims to educate and encourage traditional gamers to join the world of decentralized and community-run gaming. 

Kieran Warwick, one of the founders of Illuvium, is very excited about the merging of gaming and crypto.

We’re thrilled to fuse the incredible possibilities of crypto with gaming worldwide to transform the industry into an even more entertaining experience that features the added value of monetizing good play with rewards.” said Kieran Warwick. “Our endgame is cross-chain interoperability among other games. It’s not about winning our own battle but rather coming together as one to expand the ecosystem of decentralized, transparent and community-governed gaming.

The game will also be launching Balancer Smartpool Launchpad on March 30. An article will be released on Medium in the next few weeks which will outline how to participate in the Balancer Launchpad on March 30. 

The $5 million investment has definitely positioned Illuvium to become one of the premier gaming platforms in the crypto ecosystem, and we’re looking forward to how the project develops in the months ahead. 

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