Illuvium Game Releases Its First Demo

The auto battler and collection game, Illuvium, has just released its first demo named ‘Fight for Eth’ and it looks like they’re going to be taking NFT/blockchain gaming to another level. The game is expected to launch on Immutable X in Q3 of 2021. Many of the most popular blockchain games have chosen to work with Immutable X as it allows users to trade their NFTs without paying gas fees (while still on the Ethereum blockchain) using what is known as a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup.

The demo shows a sneak preview of Rypper and Rhamphyre locking eyes in the arena, ready for battle. Illuvium is a shattered land of beauty and wonder, and players travel the varied landscapes to hunt  and capture dangerous beasts which can then be used for battle or traded via the Illuvials exchange. 

The game also uses DeFi staking mechanisms which allow for the fees earned within the game to be paid out to staked token holders as ongoing rewards for providing liquidity.

The visuals are top-notch and stunning to say the least, and the music is catchy, alluring and mysterious. The game will feature ultra-rare Illuvials made with never-before-seen 4D holographic shading techniques.

Make sure to join the Illuvium Discord community to hear first about the latest updates and releases. 

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