How to Build in Decentraland – KJ Walker Tutorial Series

Katherine Walker, a long standing Decentraland community member and 3D modeling magician, is in the process of releasing a new series of YouTube tutorials teaching you how to build in DCL. These videos are between three to five minutes long so it’s the perfect way to quickly learn something new, and each video covers a specific topic, so you can immediately get to the topic you’re most interested in. The ‘How to Build for DCL’ videos cover the following topics so far: 3D Essentials, Low Poly Models, and Materials and Textures. 

The first video covers basic 3D principles for creating content for DCL, such as sizes, limitations, file types, frequent issues and setting up your first DCL scene. In the second video she discusses creating low poly models and easy ways to reduce the tris of a high poly model, retopology, and how to make a low poly model from scratch. And in the third video, you can learn how to play around with and use materials and textures for 3D models in Decentraland. The video also covers how to add rough, metal, glass and emissive materials to 3D assets in blender. 

KJ Walker is a creator of custom 3D models and animations, 2D designs and art, and game designs. See more of her work and services here. Follow KJ Walker on Twitter for upcoming DCL videos. 

Image credit: via KJ Walker

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