Cool New Rewards for HodlGod’s Stream to Earn

Are you a gaming fanatic with a loyal following? Then this is your chance to earn free cash while streaming HodlGod, a battle royale RPG where players can earn crypto and ultra-rare tradeable cosmetic gear for playing. 

Stream to Earn was released a few days ago, which is the first roll out of play to earn mechanics within HodlGod, and allows anybody to earn up to approx. $80+ per day worth of NFTs just for streaming HodlGod for free on YouTube or Twitch. However, you must have at least 500 subscribers and two video uploads to qualify. 

Below is the updated reward structure system, the more you stream, the more you win.

The new reward structure is as follows: 

  • 1 Hour + Streamed: 100K VOID
  • 3 Hour + Streamed: 1 Exclusive Genesis Streamer NFT
  • 5 Hour + Streamed: 1 Enigma Genesis Shadow Chest NFT

Those who have VOID in their WAX wallets are eligible for a reward boost. Holders with over $600 (20 million VOID tokens) will receive double the rewards: 

  • 1 Hour Streamed + Holding 10M VOID: 200K VOID
  • 3 Hours Streamed + Holding 15M VOID: 2 Exclusive Genesis Streamer NFTs NFT
  • 5 Hours Streamed + Holding 20M VOID: 2 Enigma Genesis Shadow Chest NFTs

The Exclusive Genesis NFT is available for a limited time only, and there will be further changes to the rewards system as HodlGod evolves the play to earn system. Read more here about how to participate in Stream to Earn

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