Hashmasks Digital Artwork Fetches $650k In Auction

A one-of-a-kind digital artwork on the Hashmask platform has sold for an eye-watering price of 420 ETH, equivalent to $650,000 in an online auction to now-owner @seedphrase who later tweeted “I’ve decided to one-up myself and purchased this mystical halo demon”. The attributes found in the artwork itself go a long way to explaining why it fetched such a high price. With features such as the character, eye colour and others are only found in 0.07% of all Hashmasks amongst the 16,000+ digital portraits that are currently on the platform.

The owner, Danny, was also attracted to the artwork due to it’s ‘Basquiat Style’ and the distinguished copyright policy surrounding the artwork also meaning that he has full freedom over his now-owned artwork rather than the license that applies to most NFT pieces of art whereby he is free to commercialise his NFT as he wishes.

Over 70 artists contribute to the Hashmask platform with many unique pieces of NFT still up for grabs. Take a look for yourself and own yourself a unique piece of art.

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