Hashmasks Celebrates with a Community Grant Program

Hashmasks just hit over 10,000 ETH in total secondary market volume and their Discord channel reached over 5000 members. To celebrate this immense success and give back to the NFT community, the Hashmasks team will be providing grants of up to $10K. The grants are for community members, builders, artists and innovators who want to build within the Hashmasks ecosystem. 

Everyone is welcome to enter by submitting a short proposal which describes their project and how it will add value to the Hashmasks community. The Hashmasks team has even released a wishlist of things they’d like to see on their platform. Some of these are a Hashmasks-based game, Hashmasks-inspired Instagram and Snapchat filters, new art in all shapes and forms, and other interesting ideas.  

The Hashmasks collection made over $9 million in sales only four days after its release. The first batch of the Hashmasks collection was first released on Thursday 28 January and sold for 0.1 ETH. After that, each new batch was sold for an increasingly higher price. 

There is no deadline for the submission of proposals, but the team will get back as soon as possible to those with interesting and promising projects. Looking forward to what the Hashmasks community will create! Click here for the full details.

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