Hasbro Teaser: Magic The Gathering + Dungeons & Dragons NFT Release?

Founded in 1923, toy-making and collectibles mainstay Hasbro Inc is creeping up on its 100th birthday. Despite this fact, the company shows no signs of slowing down and continues to innovate in it’s respective niches. Speaking at the first quarter financial results conference, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner revealed that Hasbro were “actively developing opportunities” in NFTs and that they saw those opportunities as “substantial”.

Hasbro Boasts a number of collectibles within multiple much-loved franchises which would benefit from such a move. Having several high-profile digital brands within their portfolio, such a proposition would not only make logical sense, but could also be seen as a natural progression for the company. As the love for nostalgia continues, properties such as: “Transformers”, “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Magic: The Gathering” and “GI: Joe”, all of which currently have a physical and a digital presence, would surely be greeted warmly into the NFT marketplace.

When Hasbro restructured its financial reports last year, it was revealed that two brands, “Magic: The Gathering” and “Dungeons and Dragons” represented a staggering 46% of the company’s profits. With such high-profile properties joining the NFT industry, the impact of these on the NFT market would be phenomenal and likely be the catalyst for a Tsunami of media and collector interest across the world.  Prepare yourself for a second wave of NFT mania if any of these plans do indeed materialize.

No further information has been released, keep an eye on Hasbro’s newsroom for updates.

Image credit: via Polygon.com

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