Hackatao Releasing A Game In The Sandbox

News alert for CryptoArt and The Sandbox fans! The legendary CryptoArt OG duo Hackatao is releasing a game in The Sandbox called “Hack the Tao.” 

The game is inspired by Joseph Campbells’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” and the hero’s journey in the novel. Each level of the game correlates with an archetype, creating a dynamic and interactive connection between fiction and reality. The game’s narrative pays tribute to Jung’s archetypes of the collective unconscious, with each level representing a phase in life and built within sections of a golden spiral.

Players will meet some of the most iconic characters from Hackatao’s paintings, sculptures, and CryptoArt. “Join Lady Hack on an adventure, listen to the wise words of the Podmorks… but, beware of the great and powerful Cthulhu!”

The three levels released so far are called “The Rebirth,” “The Tower,” and “The Arena.” The Hackatao team will continue building the next levels of the game, which will be released throughout the year. The game crew consists of a group of Italian creatives and video game lovers, some of which met on The Sandbox Italian Discord channel and others in real life. 

Find out more about Hack the Tao and what’s coming next here. We’re huge fans and even supported Hackatao on our metaverse kiosks in Decentraland around the time of their very first drop, so we ask all NFT goers to get behind their first extensive project in the Sandbox metaverse!

Image credit: via Hackatao

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