Gods of Hyperspace Avatars Coming to Somnium Space

Metaverse and VR fans are in for a treat this week with the launch of a mega cool and innovative project in Somnium Space. Gods of Hyperspace is a high-end avatar boutique that has been in the works for a long time by leading visionary NFT artist Eloh Projects and his team.

The idea for the project began shortly after Beeple made his big bang in the NFT space. Eloh quickly realized that the future of NFT art was no longer going to be just about the art itself, but rather about giving the NFT a purpose that goes beyond bragging rights. And well, he was quite spot on with this realization as we have seen a major move towards utility and other perks that come with NFTs.

After much brainstorming and observing the best possible avenue for his project, Eloh saw an opportunity in the metaverse as virtual identities and social systems built on the blockchain become increasingly important and valuable.

He partnered up with a developer and they bought a waterfront parcel just outside of City Center in Somnium Space. But rather than creating a gallery like many others, he decided to create something that would attract more people into Somnium and make the space more lively. And so the avatars were born.

Avatars have the ability to provide a medium for self expression in the metaverse, and for Eloh they are a natural way of facilitating diversity and intrigue and to contribute to the larger experience in Somnium.

Avatars also blend in perfectly with the ongoing conversation about who we are and what makes each of us extraordinary, as the avatar becomes your vehicle while you pilot it. You are the one writing the story and contributing to the way this new dimension looks, feels and unfolds. For those who have experienced it, there is something extraordinary about stepping into a skin and occupying a fresh identity in virtual reality.

Gods of Hyperspace is launching this Friday, August 13th at 5PM EST at Parcel 4791. There will be live music, talks, and some cool concepts revealed. Fun fact: Eloh chose this specific date because of its harmonious alignment with Friday the 13th and it is also part of the Fibonacci sequence.

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