Get Your NFTs Instantly Approved on OpenSea

This week is starting off with really good news for all creators who have been waiting to get their work accepted on OpenSea. Many have been waiting for a long time to be accepted, but due to the unprecedented growth of OpenSea, the team has been trying to resolve the challenges that have popped up with the massive growth, as well as scaling buyer safety. 

From now on, creators no longer need to submit their collections for approval, and all NFTs will appear in the public search. Those who have been waiting will see that the gray warning icons on items waiting for approval are gone. Your collection will be visible in the public search within a week.

For the buyers, OpenSea has introduced new safety regulations. To ensure that buyers are aware of non-verified items by OpenSea, the checkout flow across all collections has been updated to include two checkboxes. The first one will ask you to acknowledge (by ticking the checkbox) that OpenSea has not reviewed the item, and the second one will ask you to confirm that you agree with OpenSea’s Terms of Service. 

Automated technologies will also soon be included to remove NFTs that violate the Terms, and OpenSea’s user safety team will be actively removing malicious content. And as always, buyers should use the report tool to flag any suspicious items. 

Happy creating to everyone, there’s no more waiting, the power is in your hands!

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