Gaming – Somnium Space Releases Shoot ‘Em-Up Teaser In VR

Since inception, the focus of Somnium Space and it’s residents has been to concentrate on building beautiful structures, mainly comprising of art galleries and company HQ’s.

Finally, a long awaited preview of the first real gaming experience in Somnium Space has been released. Named ‘Annihilator VR’ the game is a multiplayer, first person shoot ‘em up which can be played right through Somnium.

Fire, run and dodge lasers as they fly through the night skies… all in VR!!

The game has a feel and realism to it which isn’t too dissimilar to Call of Duty, the multi award winning console series. As Annihilator VR levels up and is further developed, it will likely see more guns, more explosions and more features added, but for now, it is a fantastic example of the type of gaming experience Somnium can begin to roll out going forward.

Unfortunately, this game isn’t currently available in 2D mode, but one hopes to see the platform be more inclusive to those who don’t yet have the equipment to enjoy the virtual reality experience.

Try it now by creating an account or logging in at

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