Gala Games University Partnership Program

Gala Games have just launched an exciting new initiative to support the study of blockchain and gaming – the Gala Games University Partnership Program. With this partnership program, any University that qualifies will be given a Gala Games node to run for educational purposes. 

This will allow students who are part of University blockchain programs an opportunity to learn about the operations of Gala Games as well as a unique and hands-on understanding of how blockchains and gaming can benefit the world.

By sponsoring and offering nodes to qualifying programs, the team at Gala Games hope to reach and empower the upcoming generation of learners who are hungry and eager to learn and create a more abundant future. 

Gala Games will provide the university groups with A Founder’s Node License (subject to re-approval every semester), and assistance with education. This includes talks, AMAs, documentation, and even opens the door for internships with Gala Games. Students will also benefit in numerous ways, such as receiving NFT rewards, GALA, and the knowledge and tools to succeed in a blockchain-driven world. 

To find out how to apply, students need to send an email to from their official university email address. Read more about the Gala Games University Partnership Program here

Image credit: via Gala Games

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